Some Aspects of the Poultry Industry in Kenya

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Ball R. S.
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The low prices for grain crops that have prevailed during the past few years have emphasized the desirability of converting them in part into other products before they leave the farm. For this reason, a large number of farmers turned to poultry as a sideline to their other activities. Although prices of produce have now risen appreciably, yet the industry has become soundly established; and, in spite of higher food costs, is likely to remain profitable, but only as a sideline, when the fullest utilization of surplus produce can be made. As a proposition by itself, where all foods would have to be purchased and transported, there is probably not very much scope in Kenya, for, apart from the difficulties that arise where large numbers are handled, the outlet for poultry products is not at the present time sufficiently great to justify a large expansion. The possibilities of export of eggs have, however, been explored, and results to date are encouraging, particularly in the South African market at certain seasons of the year.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 11 (5), p. 354-365