Vetiver Grass Nurseries; Their Establishment and Maintenance;

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Green field, J. C.
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To find a source of Vetiver grass for planting material if it is unknown in the area the first step would be to visit your local Herbarium (located in the University or Botanical Gardens, or Agricultural Dept.) to determine whether they have any specimens of Wetivena zizanioid G , if they have, then withdraw the specimen sheet, and in the bottom left-hand comer there should be a small map showing the locality where this particular specimen was collected - this step does three things; it shows you what the plant looks like; it gives you the locality where it was found, and if the collection was done correctly, it will tell you the local name of the plant, so that when you visit the locality, you can ask the people for information on the plant by the name they know it. If the plant is unknown, then the best thing to do would be to contact a World Bank agricultural staff member to locate planting material for you.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal