Evaluation of Bean Cultivars at Different Stages Of Growth for Resistance to Bean flies

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Nderitu, J.H.
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Several species of bean fly attack bean crops in East Africa. The species include OphiomyilJ spencerelltJ Great head and phaseolia Tryon (Great head, 1968; Okinda, 1979; Spencer, 1985). Several field evaluations of bean cultivars for resistance to beanflies have been carried out in East Africa (Mueke, 1979; Kerel, 1984; Msangi and Karel, 1984; Mushebezy and Karel, 1985). However, greenhouse evaluation would enable a large number of bean cultivars to be studied under parasite-free conditions. Mass rearing of bean flies on natural hosts in the greenhouse and/or laboratory or on artificial diets in the laboratory has not been developed, nor have the infestation methods for resistance. Although bean flies attack the bean plants throughout the growing period, the most vulnerable period is the seedling stage. In this study, beans of different stages of growth were evaluated for resistance to bean flies.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 58 (3 & 4), pp. 133-134