Analysis of Competition between Finger Millet (Eleusine Coracana) and an Annual Weed (Galinsoga Parviflora) effect of Association on the growth of the Two Species

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Kashambusi, J. T.
Osiru, D.S.O.
Rana, M.S.
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The term "Competition" has been used to describe the restriction in growth of a plant which arises because of association with other plants (Aspinall and Milthorpe 1959). Competition arises when an individual plant is sufficiently close to another as to modify its soil or atmospheric environment in such a way as to restrict its growth. Following this definition, when two species are growing together, the one with the greater competitive ability is likely to secure la larger share of the environmentb than the other. In crops intraspecific competition may occur among plants of the same species as for instance when planting density is increased in pure stand or interspecific growing in association.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 44 (No 3), p. 187-196