The Effects of Maize in Pig Rations

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Duthie D. W.
Dent A.F
Ledger H. P.
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Maize has the reputation of being unsuitable for bacon pig rations except in relatively small proportions mainly because it is said to produce soft carcass fats. As the published evidence for this opinion is not conclusive. We considered that an explanation of the action of maize might be obtained by substituting it in increasing proportions for the barley and pollards of a standard fattening ration. This standard ration consisted of 67 per cent barley meal, 25 per cent pollards. 6 per cent carcass meal and 2 per cent minerals, and by substituting maize for first the barley meal and then the pollards six rations were made up containing 15, 30. 45. 60. 75 and 90 per cent maize, the carcass meal being adjusted to keep the total crude protein fairly constant between 14 and 16 per cent. Eighteen large white pigs (13 females and five males), from several litters were divided into six groups of three each chosen at random and were fed ad lib. From 100 lb. live weight to slaughter weight (200 lb.) on these rations given as a wet mash, They had access to green food every day, Feed consumption and Iiveweight increase were measured and samples of fat from the shoulder mid-back and loin were taken 24 hours after slaughter for analysis by the Hanus method for iodine value,
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXIV (2), p. 106-110