Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletins July 1954

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In this issue an analysis of coffee production on estates in Kenya over the past four years has been presented.This analysis draws attention to several points of great importance to the coffee industry.The aspect which interests me most is the urgent need to increase yield per acre on the majority of farms.Why is it that the odd few estates in a district can achieve high yields while the rest lag far behind? I know that part of the answer undoubtedly lies in basic difference of soil and rainfall.I firmly believe,however,that the main reason for the difference is purely and simply a question of better farming, and this comes down to the energy,ability and experience of the individual in charge.Coffee responds remarkably well when given the correct treatment at the right time.On the best estates all operations are well done and it is thus very difficult to assess the role of any individual item in the estate routine as a contributory factor in the attainment of higher yields.Here we see experience at its best and results speak louder than words.
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