Some Eco-Climatic Data For Closed Evergreen Forest In Tropical Africa.

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Moreau R.E
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THE data dealt with in this paper were obtained in connexion with studies on bird ecology in the Usambara Mountains of Tanganyika Territory (Moreau 1934, and in press). The fact that an interesting specialized fauna is perennially confined to the shaded depths of the forests made it desirable to ascertain to what extent the climate in the interior of the forest and close to the ground differs from the climate as recorded under the conditions of a standard meteorological station. The enquiry is of the more general interest because the forest fauna encountered in Usambara is in the main common to several of the highly discontinuous areas of Evergreen Forest scattered over the African tropics_ The data obtained are limited in scope by the special object in view, but they appear to be the first of their nature to be put on record for Evergreen Forest in Africa.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIX, p. 286-293