The Effects of Gypsum Applications on Water Infiltration and their Relevance to Land Reclamation on Kalimawe Irrigation Scheme, Tanzania

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Anderson G. D.
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Field and laboratory studies on the soils of Kalimawe Irrigation Scheme have shown that gypsum applications can markedly improve water infiltration and the removal of salts and exchangeable sodium. In practice this is much more difficult on a field scale because of the presence of a high water table. Drainage, gypsum application worked into the dry soil, followed by alternate periods of leaching and drying to allow cracking, are suggested as means whereby reclamation could be achieved. Once this done there would appear to be no reason why these soils should not support good yields of a variety of profitable crops, provided that careful control is maintained over irrigation applications and a favourable salt balance maintained.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXI (No. 4), p. 424-438