Kahawa Ya Kenya-Arabica Coffee Culture In Kenya-1993

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Coffee Board of Kenya
This report lS the result of my attachment to the Coffee research Station, Ruiru, Kenya. During my attachmerlt I focussed my attention on a project on intercropping C. arabica with maize. However, to broaden my mind, the report not only deals with this specific aspect of coffee culture, but also gives an overview of coffee culture in Kerlya. It is therefore divided into two parts. In part one chapter 1 gives a description of the physical and human geography of Kenya, the broad setting which influences coffee culture and management aspects. Chapter 2 mainly gives an overview of I recommerlded I management practices in coffee, whereas chapter 3 and 4 mainly deal with characteristics of the smalltlolder and estate sector, respectively. In the summary at the end of this part the major differences between the two sectors are mentioned. Part two de~ls with intercropping foodcrops in C. arabica and chapter 5 gives the warrants and objectives for the project dealt with in the following chapters. Chapter 7 deals with the proceedings and findings during the 1992/93 short rainy Season whereas chapter 8 deals with the 1993 long rainy season. Chapter 9 gives the preliminary conclusions. A summary also concludes this part of tile report.