An Economic Analysis of Marketed Milk Production In Kenya over the 1957 - 1985 Period

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Omiti, J. M.
Mbogoh, S. G.
Odhiambo, M. O.
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Kenya's dairy industry has experienced two major periods of dairy policy structural changes since the birth of a commercial dairy sector in the country in the early.1920s. The first period ran up to 1971, being the period of dairy production quotas and contract pricing. The second period is the one after 1971, following the abolition of the production quota and contract pricing system for milk in Kenya and the introduction of a panterritorial liberalized production and uniform pricing policy for milk in the country. In order to be able to capture the effects of these different policies on dairy production, this study examines the situation prior to 1971 by analysing commercial milk supply pattern in Kenya for the period 19S7 - 1971, and the situation after 1971 by analysing the commercial milk supply pattern for the period 1972 - 1985. A 15-year time series data from each period was deemed adequate for the purposes of this type of study. Such data were analysed using graphical and regression techniques.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, 58 (3 & 4), p. 141-153