Sustainable Development of Dryland Agriculture in India

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Singh R.P
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Drylands are the fulcrum around which the Indian economy revolves. Despite the Impressive Irrigation potential created over the years. India will continue to depend on drylands for meeting the ever growing challenge of production of food. Fodder,fibre. edible oil and timber for the burgeoning human and livestock population. Not many publications give an update on and comprehensive account of the problems and prospects of dryland agriculture In India. The Information is scattered and dispersed. No book on dryland agriculture deals with principles and practices and gives details of the rich Indian experiences gained over the years by Indian scientists. No attempt has been made so far to cover almost all the topics given in the curriculum on dryland agriculture prescibed In Indian agricultural universities, This book besides meeting the above requirements brings together a vast array of Information on all aspects related to the Improvement of the productivity, profitability, stability and sustain ability of dryland farming systems'.
Journal Of Applied Botany