Proceedings Of The First KARI Socio- Economic Conference

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Kenya Agriculture Research Institute
This paper discusses aspects of an enablement process for programme co-ordination and management within the existing environment for socio-economic research in KARl. It begins with a description of development management, drawing a distinction suggested by Brinkerhoff between project and programme levels of management. KARl socio-economists have developed project-oriented manageriaL skills to various degrees in the course of planning and implementing their own research activities. However, as managers of research programmes, research co-ordinators within the Socio-economics Division will need to be aware of this distinction and to develop managerial skills approprjate to this new, and most likely unfamiliar, level of planning and implementation. In light of KARl's recent commitment to developing more client-oriented and interactive modes of research, divisional co-ordinators will need these programme management skills to initiate a management process that enables KARl researchers to function effectively in this new research environment. A scenario for thts enabling process is described and discussed in some detail with- emphasis on the need for strategic thinking by co-ordinators. The paper concludes with a discussion of the implications of this project versus programme .managemerit orientation for the planning of socio-economic research within the division.