Hydrological Investigations For The Water Supply To Nairobi

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Dixon H.H
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Immediately after the last war it became necessary, as a matter of urgency, to increase the water supply to Nairobi and to formulate A long term policy whereby the supply could be kept ahead of the demand as the City grew. Until 1946 the supply was restricted to It million gallons a day (m.g.d.) before the new sources could be brought into use. Then the demand rose rapidly as the following Figures show:- 1 m.g.d. III 1946 3 m.g.d. in 1950 5 m.g.d. in 1956 10 m.g.d. in 1961 Looking to the future, it is not unreasonable to expect the demand to reach 40 m.g.d. by 1980 or 70 m.g.d. by the end of the century. Clearly, to meet such needs, large and dependable sources must be found and brought progressively into use and hydrology must play vital part in the design, and consequently the economics, of the stages as they unfold.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVII (Special Issue), p. 80-81