The Improvement of the Coco-Nut Industry On The Tanga Coast

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Swynnerton, R.J.M
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The coco-nut industry is of particular importance to the three coastal belts of East Africa, Zanzibar, Tanganyika and Kenya, and the three countries have been inter-dependent for their copra trade since the earliest days. Zanzibar, Mafia, Dar es Salaam, Bagamoyo, Pangani, Tanga, Moa, Vanga, Mombasa, the towns of, the early Arab settlements, have drawn on" each other for their supplies of copra, whether for local milling, grading up inferior qualities of copra or for export, and the chief carriers in the trade have continued to be the Arab dhows. Before the war the export of copra to the markets of Europe, or to those markets that would accept the local product, vastly inferior to Malaya or Ceylon, was rapidly giving way to local milling and oil extraction so that any apparent decrease in copra exports could be accounted for in the consumption of local mills or in the export of copra cake. During the war the copra producers and the copra mills were zoned in a marriage which was far from happy. Although the prices of copra were based on Zanzibar and the prices fixed for refined and unrefined oil, the coco-nut growers of Tanga and Pangani could still complain that export to Mombasa was more profitable than sale to the local mills and the dhow trade could find profit in smuggling the copra.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, V (2), pp. 111-117