Veterinary Informatics and Epidemiology Consultancy

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
A ten day consultancy was undertaken for the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARl) Department for International Development (DFID) National Agricultural Research Project II (NARP II) under the co-ordination of Dr R.K. Bain. The terms of reference for the consultancy were as follows: l. Review data design, quality and processing of Messrs Rugutt and Nginyi (PhD study fellows on the KAR/lDFID NARP II project). 2. Review Geographical Information Systems (GIS) usage at Muguga National Veterinary Research Centre (NVRC) and conduct a 3 day refresher course for selected project scientists at Muguga NVRC. 3. Make recommendations for future utilisation of Map Info in the current KARI/DFID NARP II project activities at Muguga NVRC. 4. Advise the scientists at Muguga NVRC involved in GIS and related work, on the collection, storage and processing of suitable data. 5. Deliver a seminar on the use and appropriateness of GIS in veterinary epidemiology. 6. On departure from Kenya, submit a short end-of-visit report, through the office of the KARI/DFID Field Coordinator, outlining how each of these terms of reference has been addressed. 7. Within four weeks of departure, submit through the UK Administration office of the KARI/DFID NARP II Project, a full report on the visit with appropriate guidelines, protocols and action points for Project staff.