The Coffee Board of Kenya Monthly Bulletin October 1946

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Mr. Mellor and Mr. Gavin attended the Paris Conference as Technical Advisers to the Employers' delegate of the British Delegation.They took an active part in the discussion on Minimum Standards of Social Policy in Dependent Territories.Their report was circulated in January to all members.The report shows clearly the necessity for active and expert participation by employers in these international conferences.An increase in social welfare legislation in the colonies may be expected, following on new Conventions or Recommendations adopted by the LL.O.New provisions for the welfare of the worker,admirably suited to the labour economy of advanced administrations,may be unsuitable both to employer and worker in more backward areas,if they are applied without modification.It is the intention of the Federation to present,at International Labour Conferences,the expert opinion of employers on every new measure which might impair the efficiency of industry without effecting any really desirable improvement in workers conditions.While the Federation is concerned to secure the best possible conditions for the workers,it is not prepared to accept, without criticism,idealistic legislation which is demonstrably impracticable.
Bulletin, XI (No 130), pp. 115-126