The Efficiency of Muguga Standard Potting Soil

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Robinson, J. B. D.
Dyson W. G.
Dickinson P. J.
Howland P.
Semb G.
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Experiments to examine the need to age or mature the unsterilized Muguga standard potting mixture before use in forest nursery work have shown that a minimum period of two to four weeks ageing is necessary. An examination of the individual components in both sterilized and unsterilized potting mixtures has emphasized the value of the manure component and shown that in the nursery, coffee hulls are not a good substitute for peat but in the glasshouse, they have slight advantages provided fertilizer is added. The inclusion of the gravel component was of no value in the forest nursery trials but was beneficial in glasshouse trial mixtures. Whilst it is difficult to generalize, the best unsterilized mixture for nursery use would appear to be forest soil to which is added manure, peat and fertilizer. Under greenhouse conditions, using the components sterilized, gravel should also be added. Fertilizer addition is optional, though probably beneficial for long-term work.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXV (No. 1), p. 68-77