Dispersal of Alates and Establishment of New Colonies in Oryptoterafes Haviland] (Sjstedt) (Isoptera, Kalotermitidae).

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Wilkinson W.
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On the 'Vest Coast of tropical Africa, Oryptotermes havilandi (Sjost.) is a serious destroyer of woodwork in buildings, but in spite of this very little is known of its bionomics. At Port Harcourt (Eastern Nigeria), a study was made of this insect between November 1956 and December 1957, with the object of discovering basic biological information. As the time available was limited it was decided to concentrate mainly on the appearance of the winged reproductives (PI. II, fig. 1), and subsequent colony foundation. This aspect was chosen because the primary infestation of timber is of considerable economic importance. Laboratory colonies 'were also established so that the growth and behaviour of isolated groups could be observed, but in the full knowledge that the additional data would be less complete than the principal study.
Entomological Research, 53 (2), p. 265-286