Partial Resistance of Arabica Coffee to the Coffee Leaf Miner Leucoptera Meyricki Ghesq. (Lepidoptera, Lyonetiidae)

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Bigger, M.
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From the results of a field survey into mortality factors effecting the young stages of the coffee leaf miner, Leucoptera meyricki Ghesq., it was noted that differences occurred in egg and larval mortality between different parts of the seedling trees used. In subsequent labor3ltory tests it was found 1bat a marked gradient occurred in larval mortality ranging from 15 per cent on the oldest leaves to 53 per cent on the youngest. A 'similar gradient was shown in the size of moths bred from these leaves, those from the youngest leaves being about 10 per cent smaller than those from the oldest leaves. As the fecundity of the female moths is directly proportional, to their length this could mean that 33 per cent less eggs would be laid by females bred from young leaves. There is some evidence that differences occur in, the susceptibility of different coffee species and varieties to leaf miner attack and it is possible that a coffee variety, resistant to leaf miner, might be bred.
East African Agricultural and Forestry Journal, XXXIV (No. 4), pp. 441-445