Effects of Various Densiti Es of Green Foxtail (Setaria Viridis (L.) Beauv.) and Lamb's-Quarters (Chenopodium Album L.) on Nitrogen Uptake and Yields of Corn

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Sihuga K. P.
Bandeen J.D
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The physiological requirements of weed crop plants for growth and development have been shown to be similar {Vengris et aI, 1955; Welbank, 1961; Bandeen and Buchholtz, 1967). During growth they tend to modify each other’s soil and atmospheric environment while competing for their major growth requirements namely nutrients, light and water. The detrimental effects of weeds on crop production are widely documented (Friesen and Shebeski, 1960; Knake and Slife, 1962; Meggitt, 1970; Burnside and Wicks, 1970). MU7i k (1970) remarked that weeds cause greater crop losses than either insects or plant diseases through plant competition. When growing together the growth 'of a crop plant is restricted as a result .of the association between the Need and crop plant.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XLV NO. 3 (January 1980), p. 214-221