Notes on Pyrethrum Driers

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Gilbert W.
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The "Ainabkoi" system of drying pyrethrum flowers, developed by Mr. R. O. Barnes, and described in the East African Agricultural Journal (No.4, Vol. II, Jan. 1937), has been adopted by many growers, including the writer, and a description of two labour-saving methods of lowering the trays may be of interest. As is now well known, the flowers are spread evenly on trays which are slid on to rails one above the other, like drawers into compartments, and the hot air filters vertically upwards through the trays (six to eight in number) by natural draught. When the contents of the lowest tray are dry the tray is taken out, all the others are pulled out and replaced one rung lower, and a fresh tray loaded with green flowers is slid into the space left vacant at the top.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, V (6), p. 466-469