Detailed Soil Survey Report No. D51 June, 1991

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
The soils of Kimutai's farm have good physical and morphological characteristics. They are well drained, very deep, dark reddish brown clays with manganese nodules at 40-120 cm at different parts of the farm. In most of the soils, a plough layer (pan) seems to be developing at approximately 20-30 cm below the soil surface. This plough layer might not pose a problem at the moment but in the future could form a zone of perched water table which might deny & the roots sufficient oxygen. The pan could also in the future hinder root penetration into the deeper subsoil. Efforts should therefore be made to loosen this part of the soil profile by deep chiseling every five years in order to overcome the problem. Another important aspect is the loss of the topsoil on the steeper parts of the farm. The steeper parts have lost as much as 12 cm of the topsoil which is nutrient and humus rich. This is mostly in mapping unit UVr3. It is recommended that terraces or contour ridges be constructed on the steeper parts of the farm to alleviate this problem