Part I-The Development of Tea Estates In Tall Rain Forest

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Pereira H.C
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Kenya is an agricultural country depending upon export crops for some three-quarters of the national revenue. Tea is one of the main export crops and expansion of the tea industry is a major factor in the country's future prospects. However, with development costs reaching £400 to £500 per acre, for economic units of the order of 1,000 acres each, the suitability of the land must be beyond question. Tea is known to flourish on land cleared directly from tall rain forest; of Kenya's originally rich heritage of tall natural forest, the fragmentary remnants are nearly all under protection by the Forest Department because they grow in major stream-source areas. Here they exert a regulating effect on streamflow which is of critical importance, since they receive the heaviest of Kenya's concentrated tropical rain seasons.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXVII (Special Issue), p. 16-21