Eucalyptus Citriodora-Essential Oil Content and Chemical Varieties in Kenya

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Mwangi J.W
Guantai A.N
Muruiki G
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Eucalyptus citrodora Hook, also known as "Lemon Gum", spotted gum or citron-scented gum, is a tall tree attaining a height of up 10 40 m. The essential oil of E. citriodora with its high content of citronella is one of the three perfumery oils distilled on commercial scale from the Eucalyptus 'Species. The essential oil is considered the best natural source of citronella and is also a good source of citronella. The odour of the essential oil is more delicate than that of any type of citronella oi'1 (Guenther, 1950). It has been indicated that cultivation of E. citriodora on a commercial scale would be remunerative and would allow the essential oil to compete successfully with Java and Burmese citronella oils. E. citriodora the second most important Eucalyptus species in he essential oil trade and is only next to E. smithii Baker (Kapur, 1967). The essential oil of E. citriodora is used for scenting soaps, cosmetics and technical preparations.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XLVI (1-4), p. 89-96