The Free Water Intake of Impala in Relation To The Water Content of Their Food

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Jarman, P.J.
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The weekly free water intake of two captive impala. living in semi-natural circumstances in paddocks in the Serengeti National Park. Tanzania, was measured over a period of nine months. Over the same period various climatic factors were measured, and intermittently the water content of plants in the community. from which the impala selected their food, was determined. It is shown that the daily intake of free water was primarily influenced by the water content of the food and secondarily 351 influenced by climatic factors as those affected the water content of the vegetation. Data on water intake are compared with those obtained by other workers. Strategies which impala may use to minimize their need to drink are discussed, and it is shown that their patterns of food and habitat selection in the dry season confer advantages in water conservation.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXVIII (4), pp. 343-351