Kenya Agriculture Research institute Biotechnology Centre Annual Report 2005

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Kenya Agriculture Research institute
The work reported here is a continuation of the activities of the year 2004, and the biggest part of it may be repeated. This involves the use of SSR and AFLP markers to tag quantitative trait loci for resistance to MSV, GLS and NCLB, and use SSR to study the diversity of maize gerplasm with respect to fungal disease resistance. SSR and AFLP markers were used to study recombinant inbred lines originating from two single crosses between two projenitor resistant inbred lines OSU 23i and CML 202, and one susceptible elite line EM 12-21 0 to generate mapping populations for identifying MSV resistance genes. A total of 19 MSV resistant lines were selected from cross EMI2-21O/OSU 23i using 7 polymorphic SSR primers and 23 lines from two crosses EM12-21010SU 23i and EMI2-210ICML 202 using 9 AFLP- primer-combination. The selected lines have been planted in Kiboko and Muguga sites for seed increase, line conversion and recombination. The project on the study of the diversity of genotypes with respect to fungal disease