Effects of Nitrogen and Defoliation on the Root and Rhizome of Cenchrus Ciliaris

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Shanlrnmarayan K. A
Vyas S. P.
Kllihju S.
Lahirl A. N.
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The growth pattern of roots and rhizomes of grasses which are subjected to defoliation or grazing and their nutrient contents, have a vital role in their regrowth (Youngner, 1972, Harris, 1978). In this regard, the importance of nonstructural carbohydrate reserves of the underground parts is widely acknowledged. An ideal grazing management system would warrant an adequate growth and accumulation of nutrients in the underground parts for a sustained productivity of grazed pastures. This has a special relevance for grasses of arid and semi-arid regions where raising of pasture is often the recommended pattern of land use. In view of these, the present investigation was undertaken to study the root and rhizome growth of Cenchrus ciliaris under different height and intervals of cutting and nitrogen application. Attempts have also been made to correlate these observations with the nutrient status of root and the rhizome.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XLIV (No. 4), p. 322-327