The Power of Detachment and the Erosivity of Low intensity Rains

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Rainfall erosivity indices have been tested mainly in areas with high insensitivity rainfall this paper reports the results of testing some of these erosivity indices in a region with a temperate climate where low intensity rainfall predominates. These low intensity showers can also cause considerable soil loss. The rainfall erosivity indices were tested using the so-called splash-cup technique. In this method the loss of material from splash-cups as a result of impacting raindrops is correlated with the characteristics of a shown. In the investigated area with low intensity rain a power relation gives the blast correlation between the loss of material and the different erosivity indices. The EI30 index gives a better relationship than the indices such as rainfall depth, momentum and kinetic energy. For the latter indices the introduction of a threshold based on an intensity of 0.1 inch h.-1 increases the coefficient of determination. The exponents of the investigated rainfall indices turned out to be higher than the exponents which were determined in regions with high intensity rain e.g. in the tropics.
Pedologie: Bulletin Van De Belgische Bodemkundige Vereniging, XXXIII, p. 17-27