Promising Pasture Plants for Northern Tanzania

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Anderson G. D.
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In the preceding papers in this series the agroecological zones of northern Tanzania have been described and work on Chloris and Cenchrus selections Glycine javanica ecotypes (and legumes, grasses and mixtures at Tengeru has been presented. The previous paper in the series dealt with the overall picture of the more promising species and some mixtures of them under cutting regimes. To this final paper, some practical considerations for the development of improved pasture productivity are discussed. These include tentative grass/ legume mixture for differing soil and climatic condition and suggestions on ways in which legume-rich mixtures may be established and maintained in a productive state. In this preliminary attempt to offer suggestions of practical value to progressive farmers, the information presented in the preceding papers, that gained from workers elsewhere and the personal knowledge and observations of the author, have all been combined. Time alone will tell whether all the views are substantiated, but it is strongly felt that some practical guidance to farmers should be given now. The advice offered is thought to be the best in the light of present knowledge and experience.
East African Agricultural And Forestry Journal, XXXIV (No. 1), p. 106-116