KARI-NRI- Eleventh Quarterly Report Feb -April 1993

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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
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Kenya Agricultural Research Institute
1. Maize plant development data in popular varieties planted over the last four seasons are presented [Section A.l] • 2. The results of LGB trapping studies at Kiboko are given. Individual Teretriosoma nigrescens (TN) adults have been caught in all three types of traps [Section A.2]. 3. Thirteen out of 44 national LGB pheromone trapping stations have reported positive catches over the first quarter of 1993. There have been no new records [Section A. 3]. 4. All TN release and control cribs were emptied in February-March in Wundanyi and Makueni and the TN removed. It was evident that:- a. There were more TN in Makueni cribs than in Wundanyi cribs. With live adults in the release cribs the ratio between the sites was almost exactly 2: 1 respectively. On average there were 178 live and dead adults per release crib in Makueni and 64 in Wundanyi. b. There were many more TN in Makueni 'control' cribs than in Wundanyi and many more of the 'control' cribs were infested in the former si te. (All the Makueni 'control' cribs were infested whereas at Wundanyi less than a quarter contained TN). c. There was a higher proportion of dead adults in Makueni release cribs. Fifty per cent were dead at Makueni compared with 20-22% in Wundanyi. d. There appeared to be more immatures at Wundanyi than at Makueni. [Section A.4]