Evaluating Land Evaluation

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Diepen C.A
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The term "land evaluation" became current m the 1960s, after it became clear that the conventional approaches of soil interpretation based on soil survey needed to be augmented by assessments of economic factors if viable land use alternatives were to be produced for land use planners. Soil survey interpretation had itself developed in the first half of this century in response to the demand for soil investigations to remedy land use failures and to prevent similar mistakes being made in the future. By recounting the procedure followed in this aspect of soil science, and its historical development therefore, it will become clear which inadequacies and problems have led land use planners to rely more on land evaluation rather than on traditional soil survey interpretation. The scene will then be set for an evaluation of land evaluation as prescribed by the Framework for Land Evaluation (FAO, 1976) by presenting a critical review of some of the principles, basic concepts and procedures propagated in the Framework.
Bulletin, 631